zklarska Poreba is a town situated on the slopes of two mountain ranges, the Karkonosze Mountains (former Riesengebirge) and the Izerskie Mountains (former Isergebirge), separated by a scenic valley of the Kamienna River.
Mount Szrenica (1,362 m above sea level) with plentiful skiing facilities towers over the town. On the opposite side, the peak of Wysoki Kamień (1,058 m above sea level) rises up on the horizon as a landmark for hikers and cyclists.
A characteristic microclimate, long lasting thick snow, abundant tourist facilities and hotels make this small town the biggest tourist resort in the Sudeten Mountains and the whole Lower Silesia.
Sights: Wodospad Kamieńczyka (Kamieńczyk Waterfall) - the highest waterfall in the Polish part of the Karkonosze Mountains. The top of the waterfall is at an altitude of 843 m above sea level.
Wodospad Szklarki (Szklarka Waterfall) - water falls 13.3 m down.
Krucze Skały - an impressive rock formation on the right bank of the Kamienna River at 718 m above sea level. It consists of two huge granite blocks with an excellent viewpoint.
Krzywe Baszty - located on the left bank of the Kamienna River, an 18-meter granite rock popular with rock climbers.
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